Gunpoint released: here's the launch trailer and the reason why we're not reviewing it

Gunpoint , the 2D stealth-puzzle game about rewiring electronics and falling from great heights, has been released and is now available from Steam and the Humble Store in multiple flavours. To mark the occasion, game designer and PC Gamer section editor Tom Francis has released a trailer that explains what the game is about. (Hint: rewiring electronics and falling from great heights).

Watch the trailer below, and find an explanation of why we're not reviewing the game. (Hint: there's a hint in the previous paragraph).

Gunpoint's base edition costs $10, with $20 and $30 editions offering extras like developer commentary, a making of video, and an extended soundtrack. If you buy it from the Humble store, its creator gets more of the money, and you still get yourself a Steam key.

Which brings us to the obvious reasons why we're not reviewing it. Tom Francis, the Gunpoint's designer, programmer, writer and thinky-person, has worked at PC Gamer for ten years. He is friends with all of us, and we're all friends with him. We're all grown-ups and professionals, but even if we felt we could write about the game honestly, we recognise that it would be impossible for you to ever fully trust that review.

Similarly, even if we found a writer to review it who didn't know who Tom was, and put a disclaimer at the top of the review explaining the potential conflict, any score we gave it would still be shared around the internet on sites like Metacritic without that necessary context.

With that in mind, we feel it's best if we stand aside this one time. We're sorry that we're not able to provide you with our regular service. Luckily, Tom has made a Gunpoint demo available so you can try it for yourself, and Gunpoint reviews have already sprung up on some other websites .