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Guncraft trailer proves that if you build it, they will kill you

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Here's what we thought (opens in new tab) of Guncraft (opens in new tab) when we finally got our hands all over its - ouch - jagged voxels, but if you're itching to see how the competitive voxel-'em-up mixes Minecraft-style building with Call of Duty-style killin', you should probably direct your blocky, lo-res faces towards the latest trailer. As you might imagine, being able to create blocks of varying terrain and strength and drop them in the map in real-time creates some interesting tactical opportunities - as does constructing prefab structures beforehand, and deploying, say, a sniper tower into the world. A reminder: Guncraft is not the same as Ace of Spades (opens in new tab) , despite your brain's attempts to tell you otherwise.

Like what you see? Those of you with green fingers might want to put them to use over on Steam Greenlight (opens in new tab) ; alternatively you could pre-order Guncraft (opens in new tab) for $15 and play the beta right now . OK, maybe not right now - I recommend getting out of bed first.

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