Guild Wars free Hearts of the North update is out

Guild Wars marriage

Guild Wars has recently kicked off a series of free updates in the run up to the release of Guild Wars 2, setting up some of the major characters and factions of the Guild Wars universe. The second update, Hearts of the North, has just been released, and it asks players to help reunite two legendary heroes and help them tie the knot. To celebrate, there are also a number of wedding outfits on sale in the store. Read on for more details.

The two lovers in question, the great heroes of Ascalon, Gwen and Keiran Thackeray were separated by war and Keiran's apparent death. Players can follow a series of questlines to help actually-not-dead Keiran find his way back to his lost love, including a few missions that will actually let you take control of the great hero. If you succeed in reuniting the pair, you'll even get an invite to the wedding.

The suits and dresses from the wedding are also available to buy from the Guild Wars store , giving you the opportunity to go monster hunting in a tux. It's worth nothing that you'll have to have played through the previous chapter, War in Kryta , if you want to access the new missions, as each update ties into an overarcing narrative designed to set up some of the key figures in Guild Wars 2. For more on the update, check out our interview with the team, and the Hearts of the North page.

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