Guild Wars 2's next update will let players fight on the Edge of the Mists

I couldn't live in a fantasy world. It would be exhausting. Even traditionally sedate jobs would be constantly upended through world-changing events. Just imagine being a civil servant as the new territory of Guild Wars 2's Edge of the Mists update suddenly appears. You're going spend months dealing with land disputes, planning application and mountains of paperwork. Luckily, instead of civil servants, the game is full of warriors, thieves and an assortment of wizards. For them, conflict resolution involves... well, conflict.

To explain, The Mists are a "proto-reality that exists between the worlds which in turn are the building blocks of reality", which is Guild Wars 2 speak for "where the PvP happens". In the Edge of the Mists update, players will be given a brand new World vs World arena to scrap over. And they're not the only participants - as the video reveals, Scarlet's Aetherblades are also vying for the land.

Giving Scarlet a role in non-traditional areas of the game seems to be the theme of the final few updates to season one of the Living Story. The last update, Origins of Madness , involved an excellent world boss event initiated by the character. Here, she's stepping through to PvP, bridging the gap between World vs World and the more traditional PvE content.

It's not yet known how ArenaNet plan to combine these two worlds, but further details should appear on the Guild Wars 2 release page in the near future. Edge of the Mists will go live in game next week, on February 4th.

Phil Savage

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