Guild Wars 2 outlines 2013 plans, announce 3 million copies sold

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet have started to outline their plans for the year ahead in Guild Wars 2. In a post to the game's blog , Colin Johanson provides some hints as to what the studio is working on, including new events, an overhauled achievement system, and improvements to WvW and PvP. First, though, there's much back-slapping to be done, as its announced that Guild Wars 2 sold 3 million copies through 2012.

Back to the present. While Johanson's post is light on specifics, he does talk about the team's plans for future events. "We've shown some of the promise of a truly living world, but we still have so many ideas on how to take this to the next level. Put simply we've barely scratched the surface."

"We will accomplish this is by building a world that has truly unique storylines and event experiences that play out over extended periods of time," he writes. Johanson points points to the game's previous event, Wintersday, as a sign of the lessons learned from past attempts, but affirms that they've discovered more areas in which they can improve.

The achievement system will be rejigged in an attempt to reward players of all levels for their time. The biggest addition will be tokens, achievement rewards that can be used as currency for new items. There'll also be an overhaul to the daily achievements - making them different every day of the week, in an effort to drive players to different areas of the world. Johanson highlights ArenaNet's philosophy in this area, saying, "Our reward systems need to be exciting, and include things you want to earn over time, but we don't want to force our players on endless gear treadmills for new tiers of gear we add every 6 months."

Other planned content includes new Guild missions, re-evaluated PvP designed to "make it easier for players who are less competitive to get matched only against people with similar skill sets," and tweaks to the WvW system. You can see the full rundown of changes here , and get an overview from the video below.

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