Guild Wars 2 Mesmer revealed, can summon clones armed with magic shotguns

[VAMS id="41aaWo5bEV1mz"]

As expected , the latest Profession to be revealed for Guild Wars 2 is the Mesmer. As you might expect from the name, Mesmers specialise in using mind tricks and illusion to defeat their enemies. It's a less subtle art than you might expect. Auras of invisibility and doppelganger companions are all standard fare for your average combat magician. It's the portal/laser beam sword combination that really sells the profession. It looks perfect for some high level PvP trolling and, with skill names like "Chaos Storm" and "Mind Wrack," feels like a powerful addition to the Guild Wars 2 roster.

You can find out more about the specific abilities the Mesmer will be able to wield on the new Mesmer section of the Guild Wars 2 site . Meanwhile, here are twelve new screenshots of the various Mesmer warriors from the trailer above.

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