Guild Wars 2 getting first-person camera, FOV slider

Extremely expensive first-person concept mock-up.

Extremely expensive first-person concept mock-up.

Guild Wars 2's Tyria is a pretty ol' place. Even the gross, rotting corpse area has fetching coral formations infecting its ruined temples and buildings. Maybe you'd like to take pictures of that place? Maybe you'd like those pictures to not feature a lumbering lion/cat thing, or hulking Norseman? Maybe you should wait until 10 March, as a first-person camera option is being added into the game.

First-person is just one of a number of camera tweaks planned for the update. While in first-person, players will still be able to run about, mess up a jumping puzzle, zerg through WvW and get insta-killed by those dick Lurchers in the Silverwastes—all the stuff they normally do. The only difference is their characters won't be on screen.

The default camera is also being changed to focus on a player's head. That means that, whether you're playing Norn or Asura, your character will take up around the same amount of screen space.

Also: a position slider will let players tweak the horizontal and vertical position of the camera, and a field-of-view slider is being added.

Phil Savage

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