Guild Wars 2 designer wants to "slow down" on adding new systems to polish existing ones

Guild Wars 2

Since launching at the end of last August, Guild Wars 2 has amassed "somewhere around ten to fifteen currencies," according to Lead Designer Isaiah Cartwright. That might be the limit on how much complexity ArenaNet wants. Speaking to Forbes , Cartwright says the team debates "all the time" about whether or not Guild Wars 2 has become too complicated.

"We're getting toward the tail end of the number of systems we feel that we can put in the game," he states. "We'll be really working on improving the current systems we have and making them more robust.

"I want us to slow down on the number of systems that we're adding and polish up and clean up the ones that we have added so they're easier to understand, with better UI for them, those types of things, that'll be some of the stuff that we're focused on in the future. One of the major goals of GW was to allow anyone to jump in and play. We have a team dedicated to making sure that it's easy, and we're going to continue to improve that process as much as we can."

Elsewhere in the interview, Cartwright says more support for smaller guilds struggling with accruing Influence is in the works: "We know there was an initial Influence cost that was very high that a lot of smaller guilds weren't able to get into it, so we're looking at ways that we can improve that, make smaller guilds more able to compete on the Influence-gathering area."

Read the whole interview in Forbes' article .

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