Guild Wars 2 beta key giveaway

We have 1,000 Guild Wars 2 keys to give away, courtesy of ArenaNet. Each one will grant access to next weekend's beta event, which will give participants access to the final two races for the first time. If you're keen to play as a leafy, elfin Sylvari, or one of the tiny tinkerers known as the Asura, this is your chance to jump in and earn an advanced look at the most highly anticipated MMO of the year.

For your chance to grab a key, follow the link below and submit your details on the provided form.

Let me into the Guild Wars 2 beta!

The competition will close on Sunday, or when we get 1,000 applicants, whichever comes first. If you're successful you'll receive a key via email next week before the beta starts. Slot your key into the Guild Wars 2 registration page to redeem your code.

Even if you miss the beta weekend, don't fret, Guild Wars 2 is coming out on August 28. Prepare your body with our Guild Wars 2 preview our Guild Wars 2 Elementalist preview , our Guild Wars Asura 2 preview our Guild Wars dungeon 2 preview and our Guild Wars 2 PVP guide . You can tell we're pretty excited, as apparently we can't stop writing about it. Good luck!

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