Grand Theft Auto's creator remaking original game in Game Maker

Ask someone to associate a real, live human with Grand Theft Auto today, and they will most likely say Dan or Sam Houser, the current heads of Rockstar Games. But neither of the brothers actually created the series. YoYo Games' Head of Development Michael Dailly actually created the original game in the mid-1990s, alongside David Jones. Now Dailly is revisiting his 1997 opus with modern technology and a 3D upgrade.

An article at USgamer details Dailly's endeavor, using his company's Game Maker engine, which was the bedrock Hotline Miami was built on, as the engine to rebuild the map loader and builder systems. He is storing the map data as a 2D grid with 1D arrays within it.The engine runs in HTML and WebGL.

No date has been given for when the public will get a chance to try this, but even then it won't be that fully-featured. In a tweet , Dailly said what he releases "probably" won't have maps or textures when asked about releasing the source code. For now, you can check out his Twitter account, where he has been posting various pictures and descriptions of the project.