GTA Online welcomes a white Christmas, new car and Juggernaut adversary mode

Grand Theft Auto Online's annual holiday-themed event kicks off today, bringing with it a flashy new car, a new "adrenaline-fueled" adversary mode and snow—the latter of which sees the return of snowball fights. 

Signing in today through boxing day will grant you access to the pyrotechnic projectile Fireworks Launcher weapon, which comes with ten firework rockets. On Christmas Day, players can expect a range of complimentary gifts too, including a Carbine Rifle and a Marksman Rifle—both of which come packing 200 rounds. A number of other munitions await those who log on on the 25th, as well as a pyjama set and a Unicorn Mask should you wish to look like this: 

On the vehicle front, the Pfister Comet—"once a beacon of the champagne-popping San Andreas elite"—has been reimagined as a "gritty urban dragster" and is available at Benny's Original Motor Works as part of the Comet Retro Custom upgrade. As for the new Juggernaut Adversary Mode, Rockstar describes it thusly: 

"It's a clash of the titans in Juggernaut, the latest adrenaline-fueled Adversary Mode to hit GTA Online. In this brutal war between two opposing teams, the Juggernaut is your greatest asset and your only liability. As an Attacker, you'll need to flank, swarm and successfully execute the opposing team's heavily-reinforced Juggernaut - while protecting your own - to take the win. 

"If your team is unable to wipe out the opposition's Juggernaut in time, Sudden Death rules go into effect and everyone becomes a Juggernaut. First kill wins though, so you'll want to be aggressive in trying to take first blood."

To mark the new mode's launch, it's boasting double GTA$ and RP from now till January 1. More information on GTA Online's festive update can be found this-a-way