GTA Online kicks off 'Contraband Week' with Gunrunning-focused perks and discounts

GTA Online's latest weekly update adds a host of Gunrunning-focused perks and discounts. For the next seven days, the so-called 'Contraband Week' targets "subterranean entrepreneurs", who deal in illicit goods.  

Which in practice sees Bunker-made materials netting players double GTA$ and RP by way of Sell Missions—while Research teams operate 50 percent faster than usual. If you're yet to get in on the underground act, the Farmhouse Bunker is half price (now $1,187,500) for the next seven days; whereas the Thomson Scrapyard and Smoke Tree Road bunkers are subject to 45 percent and 40 percent discounts respectively (now $1,259,500 and $1,323,000).  

All three of the above spots are better-positioned than my own Paleto Forest Bunker, which lies idle in the middle of nowhere. It also costs a bloody fortune to run—so much so, that I might trade it in this week in light of these deals. 

Elsewhere, this week's offers see double RP and GTA$ extended to Target Assault Races for another week, while Mobile Operation Centre cabs, Nightsharks and Dune FAVs are among Warstock's heavy duty vehicle discounts. 

Check out the sale in full via this Rockstar Newswire post. There, the dev also outlines what's in store next week:

Get ready to take on The Vespucci Job—a brand new mode where you’re either on the run in the diminutive vintage Italian export the Weeny Issi Classic (coming to your local Southern San Andreas Super Autos dealership) or you’re in hot pursuit in an LSPD squad car trying to put an end to the madcap caper. Also, be on the lookout for new arrivals from Legendary Motorsport and Elitás Travel in the form of the mighty Vapid Flash GT Sports car and the Sea Sparrow Chopper. Much more details to come when it all drops next week Tuesday April 17.

Check back for more on that next week, then. And in the meantime, learn how to make quick GTA Online moolah over here