GTA Online cheat program creator ordered to pay $150k in damages

A man from Florida, Jhonny Perez, has been found guilty of copyright infringement after developing and distributing a cheat program for Grand Theft Auto Online. He has been ordered to pay $150,000 as well as legal costs.

Perez is the developer behind 'Elusive' a cheat program that allowed players to get around the games rules by creating their own currency and interfering with other, legitimate players. 

According to a report from Torrent Freak, Take-Two, Rockstar's parent company, contacted  Perez to cease the distribution of Elusive, which was on sale for $10 - $30, depending on the package. While Perez did comply with the request, further attempts to contact him were met with silence, prompting Take-Two to take the case to court.

While it's reported that Take-Two would have been 'open to negotiating a settlement,' Perez' continued silence prompted them to file for the default judgement which, in the case of copyright infringement, has the maximum statutory damages amount of $150,000. Almost $70,000 of legal fees were also added.

"Mr. Perez’s Elusive program creates new features and elements in Grand Theft Auto which can be used to harm legitimate players, causing Take-Two to lose control over its carefully balanced plan for how its video game is designed to be played." US District Court Judge Kevin Castel writes in his order.

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