GTA 5 Online Running Back Adversary mode celebrates Thanksgiving

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To celebrate the annual Thanksgiving glut of American Football contests, Rockstar has added a new competition to GTA Online called Running Back Adversary Mode.

The mode pits two teams of "blockers" in rollcaged Biftas against one another, and assigns the attacking team a "runner" in a Benefactor Panto, who much reach the other end of the gauntlet and cross the finish line to score.

You can start competitions on Raton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridge and in Zancudo Tunnel and the mode supports between four and eight players.

Replacing players with cars in sporting scenarios is an effective formula if Rocket League is anything to go by. The devs are showing off the new mode in a livestream on Twitch and Youtube at 5pm EST / 10pm GMT with "special guests".

GTA 5 adversary mode

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