Grim fantasy RPG Lords of the Fallen releasing on Halloween

Halloween is a pretty apt time to release a grimdark RPG like Lords of the Fallen, and that's exactly what's happening this October 31st. City Interactive's game is proudly inspired by Dark Souls, and after watching quite a bit of in-game footage this appears to mean 'chunky, thunky combat and the ability to lose experience upon death'. I've attached a recent trailer that affords us a proper look at the game.

I don't know about you, but Lords of the Fallen's fiery hell-demons and beefy beef-men seem more reminiscent of something like Darksiders, although combat admittedly does look a bit Dark Soulsy. It's a game with a set main character, Harkyn, a convicted criminal and general wrong 'un who's been given a chance at redemption. (Redemption earned through lots and lots of killing, naturally.) The interesting part is that The Witcher 2's former Senior Producer Tomasz Gop is onboard as Executive Producer, so hopefully some of that game's pedigree has rubbed off.

Tom Sykes

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