Grid Autosport gets free, optional HD texture pack on PC; other DLC plans revealed

Grid Autosport is all about performance; about power under the hood, junk under the trunk, and other things that racing enthusiasts probably say. In that sense, it's not dissimilar to PC ownership—something that can equally descend into stand-offish posturing over specifications and build quality. Codemasters recognise this, and have responded with free PC-only launch-day DLC: an HD texture pack that will separate the computers in pole position from those in need of a pit stop.

"If you play on PC you'll have access to the first piece of additional content the moment GRID Autosport launches; an HD texture pack that will increase the visual fidelity of the liveries and car exteriors," wrote community manager Ben Walke . "We wanted to make the pack optional as the 4K textures included will be a small hit on your performance, so instead of bumping up the minimum specs for everyone we thought we'd leave the decision in your own hands."

In addition, Walke outlined Autosport's future content plan. DLC will come in two categories: car packs and mini expansion. Car packs are exactly what they sound like, "new cars for the game". Mini expansions, meanwhile, will be based around a specific theme, and will "each include a selection of new locations, some will include new cars and in some cases new game modes entirely."

Grid Autosport is due out later today in the US, and on Friday in Europe.

Phil Savage

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