GRID 2's first in-game trailer is all about the speed

Grid 2 thumb

Codemasters might be getting a little carried away. Sure, GRID 2 is all about going ridiculously fast, but they don't have to apply that philosophy to every aspect of their production. Take this trailer - the first dedicated showing of in-game footage. It lasts a scant one minute and ten seconds. Take out all the surrounding logos and you're left with 37 seconds of high-speed action. Guys! It's not a race!

What we do get is cars of various shapes and sizes jostling for position around the Californian coast, Paris and Australia's Red Bull Ring. If nothing else, it's nice to see Codemasters settle back down to a game that seems to be purely about racing. As much as I enjoyed the Dirt series, it did increasingly focus on silly Gymkhana showmanship. With any luck, GRID's tarmac tracks will put the emphasis firmly back on Codies enjoyable race engine.

GRID 2 is due out in May.

Phil Savage

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