Grid 2 trailer reminds everyone that great speed comes with great responsibility

Grid 2

Not responsibilities like "always wear a seatbelt" or "hands at 10 and 2." No, Grid 2 stresses the responsibility of every racing game to pour on the slow-mo during power slides, crank up the bloom, and wrap it all up with a narrator a little too obsessed with winning.

Codies' upcoming racer divides its metallic stallions into clubs, and the trailer redlines the rivalry between the New Union and Transamerica Pacers, both of which sound like warring factions in some post-apocalyptic fiction. Beyond that, we see more slick Grid 2 gameplay of car-on-car jockeying on the streets of Chicago and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You'll get to hit Grid 2's asphalt at the end of May.

Omri Petitte

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