Grey Goo single-player DLC 'Emergence' is free, but only briefly

Grey Goo

The old-school RTS Grey Goo may be a throwback of sorts, but it's still "one of the most interesting new RTS games in years," as we declared in our review. And today the game got a little bigger thanks to the release of single-player DLC entitled Emergence, a set of three new story missions that you can pick up for free, right now—but only for a very short time.

Emergence is a mini-campaign that follows the events and actions of Singleton immediately after the explosion at the terminal. The campaign will dig into the origin and motivations of the Goo, and enable Grey Goo-ers to play as Singleton, the game's first hero-tier unit.

Emergence is available now on Steam and will normally sell for $8, but until 9 am PT on June 11 it's free for anyone who owns the game. Grey Goo was also updated today with a number of new features including a spectator mode, a replay mode for watching and sharing past matches, dedicated server support, and the ability to import custom assets into the terrain editor. That update, of course, is free.

Andy Chalk

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