Green Man Gaming are giving away free copies of Commandos 3

Commandos 3

Fancy a free game? Green Man Gaming are giving away Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (72%, PCG UK 128). It's not quite the high point of the classic strategic squad management series, but it still presents a sturdy challenge for anyone who likes the idea of guiding a burly squad of chain smokers in berets through some hand-drawn warzones.

The Green Man Gaming blog has details of the deal, mentioning that each free copy of Commandos 3 comes with a 10% off voucher that can be used to shave some bucks off the likes of the delightfully smart Quantum Conundrum, SpellForce 2 and Sleeping Dogs. The selection of discounted games is set to change every so often, so keep an eye on the site if you don't fancy using the voucher on the games listed. The offer is live now, and will run until midday tomorrow GMT. Yay for free stuff!

Tom Senior

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