Grab a free Steam key for RPG Aveyond: Gates of Night

Aveyond top

A Vampire has acquired a relic that he can use to take over the human race. In Aveyond: Gates of Night, it's your job to team up with some pals, give him a stern telling off and save the world. Expect lots of tongue in cheek dialogue, as well as orcs, dragons and a pirate ship you can steal for yourself. It's an RPG worth £6.99 / $10.99, but today it's yours for nothing!

This giveaway is in association with Bundle Stars, who have just launched The Ultimate Game Makers Bundle, featuring four of the greatest and easiest to use Steam software packages available: RPG Maker, App Game Kit, Game Guru and Axis Game Factory.

To enter the giveaway, simply follow the instructions in the widget below.


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