Grab a free Steam key for Minion Masters

Life is easy when you're a master of minions. You choose your warriors, stroll into the arena and watch them do your business, helping them out every now and then with a spell or two. 

Minion Masters is a colourful dueling game in which you do just that. Once they've taken to the field your minions have minds of their own, and will try to interpret your orders based on where you've summoned them. They will rush forward and fight the enemy if possible, and seize the all important bridges in the process. There are plenty of minions to summon, from archers to squads of futuristic troops armed with lasers.

The game is currently in paid Early Access, but you can get in for free by entering our giveaway. Once again we've teamed up with Bundle Stars to give you more free games. To enter, simply follow the instructions in the widget below.

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