Got 16 minutes to spare? Watch this TED talk

Interesting fact of the day: the current curator of the TED talks is Chris Anderson, the very same man who founded Future Publishing and made PC Gamer possible. If you've never watched a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talk before we thoroughly recommend you watch one and feel your grey matter slowly expand.

Which neatly segues into this paragraph. In the above TED talk - pointed out to us by Lewie Procter - Gabe Zichermann points out that your grey matter slowly expands while you're playing video games. It also discusses why the whole world is getting smarter, how kids playing games is a very, very good thing, and how games are being incorporated into electric cars.

Zichermann himself is the man behind the fascinating notion of Gamification , where companies have realised they can make more money and be more productive if they bring game-like systems of challenges and rewards into the workplace. Things like "zombie lunchtimes" and "let's bomb Yugoslavia" away-days.