Gorgeous hand-drawn platformer Aaru's Awakening gets a new trailer

You'll never catch me using a teleporter (not least thanks to that Star Trek episode where one malfunctions and turns someone hideously inside-out), but I think I'd be onboard with a similar superpower, were a radioactive teleporter to go around biting people at some point. I'm a little jealous of the gorilla...beast...thing at the heart of Aaru's Awakening , then, whose "highly mobile skills" include Blink-esque rapid matter transportation and a nifty charge move. Combine this with a lovely hand-drawn art style and you have something rather beautiful, as evidenced in the platformer's latest trailer.

This newest video focuses on the game's Day realm (there are four in total: Dawn, Day, Dusk and Prevening Night), which as you might expect is very orange/brown. You're the Champion of Dawn, by the way, trying to save the world of Lumenox from the destructive power of Night. The trailer shows just how far the game has come since its alpha demo only a month or so ago - so much so that developers Lumenox Games no longer consider it representative of the game, and have taken it down from the website.

Aaru's Awakening is expected to be done towards the end of the year, and like most things in the universe it can be voted for over on Steam Greenlight .

Thanks, IndieGames .

Tom Sykes

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