Google glasses just got real


According to a post over on Google + (remember that?), engineers from the top secret Google[x] laboratory have just confirmed one of tech's most interesting rumours. They're working on a pair of glasses that includes a heads-up display for augmented reality information.

There's little in the way of detail on the Google+ landing page, but The New York Times has some interesting extra information, including a few quotes from someone who claims to have used the glasses in question.

What is new, however, is a concept video of how they might work (very different to this nightmarish scenario) and some pics of people wearing an early prototype. Anyone familiar with the works of Charlie Stross or Daniel Suarez will instantly recognise what's going here.

Augmented reality is all well and good, but where this gets interesting for us is where it connects with PC games – it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to lift information panels off of a game interface and put them on your glasses, giving you a very different way to see important stuff on screen.

Plus, it means you can actually be that little bit more like Adam Jensen, of course.