Google demo PC gaming in a browser

GDC 2011 ninepointfive

During a talk at GDC 2011, Vincent Scheib, a software engineer at Google, has shown off the future of web-based gaming with impressive browser-based demos which don't require plugins or web players to work.

Speaking to PC Gamer live at the show he says: "A lot of the tech is available today but in a beta or test form. You don't have to use flash. As we move forward, the browsers are dedicated to supplying new technology to support higher quality applications."

Hit more for a video, and to try out the demos.

First he showed off Quake 2 running in a browser, but with no plugins, no flash or players involved. Read more details here .

Then there was Google body , which let's you strip people down to their bones, all from the comfort of your browser without any annoying extras. You'll need to be running Chrome or Safari for it to work.

Earthquake visualisation has never been this effortless, or cool-looking as this.

It's also worth checking out this full-screen stress test of your browser's capabilities. Warning: involves hundreds of fish.

More demos will be available on Google's official portal for GDC. You can engage with the Google developer community via their Twitter feed.