How to get gold Lara Croft in Fortnite

fortnite gold lara croft
(Image credit: Epic Games)
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The latest Fortnite update includes some cool new additions to the battle royale world: There's now a tiny island on the south end of the map, and on that island lives Orelia, the gold skeleton sister to Oros. Visiting the new island will let you hang out with a gold skeleton sister, which is cool enough, but doing so also nets you a spiffy new skin for Lara Croft.

The gold Lara Croft skin paints the Tomb Raider in a classic metal sheen, just like the cheat codes of old. And you don't have to pay any V-bucks to get it. All you have to do is complete a simple task, but don't go into a match without knowing what to do beforehand.

Here's how to get the gold Lara Croft skin in Fortnite.

Gold Lara Croft: Orelia location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic added a tiny island to the bottom of Fortnite's map, just south of that one toilet factory. Check out the image above and find the red highlighted circle.

Here you'll find Orelia, the female Oros, and a golden AR rifle on a stone table.

Step 1: Go to the island while using a Lara Croft skin (I used the classic skin).

Step 2: Find Orelia. She should be on the ground level of the small stone temple on the island. There will be doors on either side.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Step 3: Grab the golden AR rifle on the stone table. This will automatically turn Orelia hostile, so run out of there if you're anything but loaded for bear. She's tough to beat, even if you unload the whole AR magazine on her.

If you turn into golden Lara, you've successfully completed the challenge. When you exit the match, you'll receive the skin style like any other reward. You can change to it in the locker like other cosmetic items.

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