GOG's Piñata Madness sale gives you mystery games

Loot boxes in their many forms are big business for video games these days, but they're not just limited to in-game hats and boosts. GOG has started up Piñata Madness, where you pay a bit of money, smash open your piñata, and see what game you've received inside. 

Each piñata costs $3 / £2.39 / €2.69, and there are over 100 possible games you can get. The cheapest game available is $6, so you're getting a deal either way, but you might get a brand new game worth up to $45. You can get anything from the likes of Pillars of Eternity, to Shadow Warrior 2, to Saints Row 4, and much more.

If you think the risk is worth the reward, head on over to the main sale page and try your luck. Also on GOG until August 16, you can get Deadlight: Director's Cut completely free.

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