God Eater 3's launch trailer is an inspirational J-rock masterpiece

God Eater 3, the game about a squad of inhuman teens who wield massive magical weapons in battles against the god-like creatures known as the Aragami, is out now on Steam. To get things started on the right foot, Bandai Namco has also dropped a God Eater 3 launch trailer, which begins by asking what it feels like to give up our humanity, before launching into a spectacular J-rock music video. 

The God Eater games see humanity pushed to the brink of extinction by the mighty Aragami, who for some reason don't feel like sharing the planet with us. God Arc weapons can harm them, but normal humans can't handle them: Only those willing to surrender their humanity and become God Eaters can do so. The series began in 2010 on the PSP and it's grown since then, with games including God Eater Resurrection, a remake of the original, and God Eater 2 Rage Burst, an update of God Eater 2. (God Eater Resurrection was available as a standalone game on Steam but was recently removed, because it now comes free with Rage Burst.)  

God Eater 3 features new God Arc weapons, abilities, and enemies: The Ash Aragami, who can "utilize Devour Attacks and enter Burst Mode," which is apparently bad news. "These enemies are not to be trifled with and will require you to take your weapon and your game to the next level!" Bandai Namco said. 

God Eater 3 is $60/£46.50/€50 on Steam

Andy Chalk

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