Go on a road trip across China with your aunt in Road to Guangdong

We need more road trip games. Jalopy, Final Fantasy 15 and a few others have been leading the charge—not quite carving out a genre, but at least making an argument for more of them. The latest is Road to Guangdong, from Just Add Oil Games and the publisher of Jalopy. Heading to Early Access in May, it follows aunt and niece Guu Ma and Sunny as they take a trip across ‘90s Guangdong. 

Their car, Sandy, is a bit of an old banger from the look of it, but it’s a beloved family heirloom and thus a perfect carriage for their journey across China. The car will need to be maintained and repaired along the way, but what’s a road trip without some breakdowns? 

Sunny and her aunt are on the road to rekindle their relationship with the rest of their family. She’s inherited the family restaurant, but she’ll need their help in saving it. Expect narrative puzzles and moral choices, not just mechanical failures, as you try to talk everyone into lending a hand. 

Just Add Oil says that it doesn’t anticipate a long stint in Early Access, predicting 2-3 months. The developer wants feedback to help refine the driving experience, traffic and repair systems. When it launches on May 16, the first chapter of the story will be available. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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