Giveaway: we have even more Elder Scrolls Online weekend beta keys for you

Why it seemed like just yesterday that we were giving away access to this weekend's beta test for The Elder Scrolls Online, because it was . But earlier a portal to the plane of Oblivion opened, spaffed another thousand keys onto our laps and then disappeared, leaving only a faint hint of Draenor aftershave hanging in the air. It is our grave duty, then, to pass this sudden boon onto you with another beta key giveaway! Read on for details.

The test is set to run from today at 17:00pm GMT until Tuesday, March 3, 4:59am GMT. Enter your email address into the box below and a key will be emailed to you shortly, unless it says there are none available, in which case we've run out, and that's the end of that. Good luck!

Bethesda's instructions for redeeming your key:

-You'll use this unique key to register your beta account. Please make sure you don't leave extra spaces in front of the code if copying/pasting.

-Create your account by visiting

-Once you've finished creating and verifying your account, click “Redeem Key” button on the main My Account Page to register your beta key.

-When the process is complete, you¹ll be able to download the game client from your Account Page.

Zenimax and not Future Publishing Limited or Future US, Inc are responsible for the beta code and unique access keys relating to Elder Scrolls Online. Contact Zenimax directly through Elder Scrolls beta support with any questions or concerns about registering your beta account or downloading, accessing or using the game client.

Tom Senior

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