Giveaway: Beat up baddies with a Rusty Hearts beta key


Final Fight. Streets of Rage. Turtles in Time. These are games that many of us hold dear to our hearts, filling us with fond memories of roughing up thugs, beating on bosses with our buddies, and picking up loot that just happened to be stashed in random barrels. Perfect World knows the appeal of a good old beat-'em-up, and the addictive combo you get when you mix RPG elements with arcade-style combat. If you like fighting-game MMOs, like Dungeon Fighter Online, you'll love Perfect World's upcoming action MMO, Rusty Hearts. Want to play it before everyone else? Read on to see how you can win a closed beta key!

To enter, simply email with the subject line "I love arcade action and I'm not afraid to admit it" We'll randomly choose 100 lucky winners by this Friday, May 27th. If you love combat that's based more on twitch-reflexes and cool combos than random number generators, Rusty Hearts will be right up your alley. And who doesn't love cel-shaded graphics? If you answered "Me," I command you to go play Jet Grind Radio right this instant. RIGHT. THIS. INSTANT.

UPDATE: Winners have been selected and the codes have been sent out! Thanks to everyone that entered.