Ghost Recon Wildlands will get ranked play and two new classes next week

Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a new PvP update called Jungle Storm that will (finally) introduce ranked play to the game. Also on the way are two new classes, four new Elimination and Uplink maps, new weapons, and other updates for both PvP and PvE modes. 

One of the new classes is the Pathfinder, a sort of jungle ninja who brings a crossbow to a gunfight, which doesn't strike me as the best idea ever, but also can't be marked by drones or motion-detection devices. The second new class will be revealed later, because that's how these things go. 

Details are obviously very thin right now but Ubisoft will reveal more of what's coming during a livestream on Twitch at 9 am PT on December 13. The Jungle Storm update is set to go live on December 14. 

Andy Chalk

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