Ghost Recon Wildlands PC patch sends help to fallen players

While not quite as comprehensive as its second Title Update, Ghost Recon Wildlands has launched its Title Update 3.5—an exclusive-to-PC patch that targets a number of bug fixes and introduces a key feature to its multiplayer. 

"Players can request for help now while in down state," so says Ubisoft community manager Iker Azkarate in this forum post. Which should put an end to wallowing face-down in the reeds for inordinate amounts of time, after being gunned down by a chopper because you've ran out of bullets while unsuccessfully attempting to blow up an alarm system hundreds of metres away. Just me? Very probably. 

The update also offers a number of general fixes which should make your time out on the field run a little smoother. They are as follows:

  • Fixed the fast travel icon not being displayed on the tacmap when using a Steam Controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen would flicker when exiting the vehicle while using the Tobii Eye tracking device.
  • Fixed an issue where the game language was not automatically set if the Arabic language was set as the title's language, from the Steam client.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would show an incorrect display resolution in the Video menu if ALT+TAB was used during the confirmation pop-up message.
  • Fixed an issue where the gray screen when the character is downed was displayed in NVIDIA Ansel.
  • Fixed an issue where the 360 screenshot in Ansel had visual corruption if Ansel was used while the Night Vision was activated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Fanatic achievement was not awarded if the weapon pack item was bought from the in game store.

A subsequent fix for the game's Narco Road DLC stops the screen from flickering when using nitro boosts while being detected. 

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