Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer features music composed by Queens of the Stone Age ace

Between stealth takedowns, live-action cats, and skydiving extraction missions, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is shaping up pretty well so far. The latest trailer Ubisoft has teased from the game's open-world tactical shooting vault focusses on its music—namely the input of industry veteran Alain Johannes, a Chilean-American who has worked with everyone from Queens of the Stone Age to Kelly Clarkson, from Eagles of Death Metal to Hilary Duff.   

Set in Bolivia, Johannes leans on South America instruments to craft Wildlands' tracks as he explores his creative processes in the following trailer. Ubisoft's Manu Bachet and Ghislain Soufflet—the game's respective music supervisor and audio director—also praise Johannes' professionalism and explain why he's the perfect fit for their game. 

"For me, being asked to be part of Ghost Recon: Wildlands was absolutely a dream come true," says Johannes above. "I've always imagined music very visually and to be finally able to do that directly within this context with this wonderful, incredible open-world—it's just a total joy. So I said yes! I was super excited."

Although disappointed by the game itself in the end, I found Mafia 3's soundtrack to be one of the best I've heard in years, and loved the way it weaved era-typical music with instrumentals in-line with the game's culture and setting. I've got high hopes for Ghost Recon Wildlands ahead of its March 7 release, but I'm pretty confident its score will be done justice by Johannes et al. 

The following trailer is an oldie now, but studies Wildlands' authenticity and is pretty interesting: