Ghost Recon Breakpoint's 'Project Titan' raid goes live today

In October, Ubisoft explained how it intends to fix Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a game that by all rights should have been good—it's just Wildlands 2.0, right?—and yet was decidedly not. Included in that plan was a commitment to post-launch content, including the first-ever Ghost Recon raid, called Project Titan, that was expected to roll out in December.

It's actually going to beat the clock on that a little bit, as Project Titan is now set to arrive as part of a free update that will go live at 3 pm ET today. Players must have a minimum 150 Gear Score in order to take part in the raid, and full four-person squads are mandatory. Matchmaking is available for those who don't come to the party with a party, but Ubisoft warned that "communication is key to success," so if you're going to take the rando route on this you should be sure to have your mic set up so you can talk to your squaddies as you go.

Progress through Project Titan will be maintained via checkpoints after each boss fight, but any progress made between them will not be maintained between sessions, so plan your breaks accordingly. Raid progress and rewards, including items from a raid loot pool, Skell Credits, class sets, and unique weapon master plans, will reset every Tuesday at 4 am ET, so again you'll want to keep an eye on the clock to ensure you don't get hosed on all your hard work.

As for what you'll actually be doing in Project Titan, it seems that a faction of Bernthals called the Red Wolves—basically a Red Hood cosplay club with guns—have taken over Golem Island, a volcanic island where Skell Technology was developing experimental drones with the assistance of a self-learning AI. Now you and your team have to go in and destroy four "lethal prototype drones" before they reach the production stage and start to cause real trouble.

Ubisoft said that it will monitor player data following the launch of Project Titan to ensure that it's appropriately challenging without being outright murderous, and also plans to add two new modes early next year: One an "easier take" that won't have the same rewards as the standard raid but will give players a chance to practice and gear up for the real thing, and the other more difficult, with "exclusive rewards" for those who can finish it off.

Andy Chalk

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