Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Year 1 plans include new episodes and a volcanic raid

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With Ghost Recon Breakpoint launching next month, Ubisoft has released the road map for the first year of updates. As you might expect if you've played Assassin's Creed Odyssey or The Division 2, it's a large assortment of free and premium additions, including new story episodes. Missions, classes, raids and events are all on the docket. 

Breakpoint will launch with its main story episode, Operation Greenstone, which will run through January 2020. During that time, Ubisoft plans to add the first raid, taking place on a volcanic island, a Live Event where you'll have to stop a time-travelling Terminator, the Engineer class, new narrative missions and PvP updates. It's a lot! 

Everyone gets access to this, but Year 1 Pass owners will be able to unlock the Engineer class without using skill points and will get to play it a week early. The Terminator Live Event will conclude at the end of the first episode, but you'll still be able to play it later; you just won't get the unique rewards. 

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Episode 2 is set to kick off in February with a new adventure, Deep State, that promises to expand on the main story. Only the first hour is free, however, so you'll need to splash out on the Year 1 Pass if you want to play the rest. Alternatively, you could play with a friend who already has it, though only pass owners will be able to get their hands on exclusive rewards.

A raid update, new special event, another class and more faction missions will also be included, and not just for pass owners.

The final episode is due out in June with another adventure for pass owners, along with more of the above for everyone else, and will conclude in September. Aside from the names of the second and third episodes—Deep State and Transcendence—Ubisoft hasn't revealed many details.

You'll get a lot without having to spend more cash, but if it's burning a hole in your pocket here's what the Year 1 Pass nets you:

  • Access to the two Year 1 adventures and their rewards (non-owners can be invited to play the entire mission)
  • One-week early access to the three new classes and instant unlock
  • Siren’s Call Mission coming day one
  • Special Operation Forces pack, which includes:
  • Scorpio Scout | Quiet Blueprint
  • 1400 Skell Credits to craft the blueprint once at Maria’s shop or a bivouac
  • Covered ACH
  • Crye G3 Combat Pants
  • Cross Draw Vest

Skell Credits are Breakpoint's primary currency, earned by playing the game or by purchasing them with Ghost Coins, the premium currency. Ghost Coins can also be used to buy cosmetic items, crafting materials, boosts and instant blueprint and attachment unlocks. 

Because it's 2019, Breakpoint is getting a battle pass called the Battle Rewards System. Playing PvP or faction missions will net everyone Battle Points that will contribute towards the pass, unlocking exclusive rewards. Each episode will have two phases with 50 items each, and all players will be able to unlock them. Boosters will be sold to speed up progress, but you can save your money and just grind. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is due out on October 4. 

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