Games for Windows Marketplace to close next week's PC store, the Games for Windows Marketplace, is set to shut down next week, as announced by Microsoft's almost comically outdated Games for Windows Facebook page . According to their post, users will no longer be able to buy games through the service. The Games for Windows Client will still provide access to existing purchases.

The full statement:

"As part of the upcoming Xbox 360 system update, Microsoft Points will be retired, and the PC marketplace will be closed as of August 22, 2013. We encourage you to spend your Microsoft Points balance prior to this change. Although you will not be able to purchase new games, you can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading them through the Games for Windows LIVE client software as usual."

The post then links a support article. For a while, clicking that link led to this:

Which is as fitting an end as any to Xbox's PC Support.

It's now been updated, and you can read the full FAQ here .

Of particular note, the passage about downloadable content:

"In-game purchases and other downloadable content purchase availability will vary based on the particular game. Please contact specific game publisher for more information."

Interestingly, earlier in the month, NeoGAF spotted references to the previously Marketplace only Bioshock 2 DLC Minerva's Den in the Steam database. With luck, the GfW store's closure will see the excellent add-on become more easily available.

Earlier today, Microsoft also made news with the appointment of ex-Steam boss Jason Holtman. He is now working on their PC gaming and entertainment strategy.

Phil Savage

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