Get your first look at gameplay from Frostpunk's final expansion: On The Edge

Frostpunk's third and final expansion is releasing this month, and above you can get your first look at some exclusive gameplay footage (also here on YouTube). The video is accompanied by the narration of senior lead designer Jakub Stokalski, who walks you through On The Edge's story and new features.

On The Edge puts you in charge of a small new settlement at a recently discovered army warehouse—but unlike the previous expansions, this time you're not in control of everything. On The Edge takes place after the great storm of Frostpunk's original campaign, but the city of New London is calling the shots and has control over the Book of Laws. Whatever laws New London decides to enact, you'll need to abide by in your outpost. For now, at least.

There's limited space to build and there are no animals to hunt near your settlement, meaning you'll have to rely on New London to send you food while you ship precious resources its way. Heck, your new settlement doesn't even have a massive generator at its center, so you'll have to figure out some other way to keep your citizens and workers warm.

But you're not the only small settlement that survived the great storm. On the overland map, there are other outposts that you'll get to discover and manage your relationships with. It sounds like a juggling act, trying to keep New London satisfied, providing for your own citizens, and making side-deals and establishing trade routes with other outposts that have varying needs and agendas. 

Eventually, you may able to declare independence from New London and start governing your outpost by your own Book of Laws. But it doesn't sound like it'll be easy.

On The Edge will be released on August 20, and can be purchased on its own or as part of the Season Pass with previous expansions The Rifts and The Last Autumn.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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