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Get wild discounts on XCOM 2 and Witcher 3 in the GOG Spring Sale

An image of a sniper soldier from XCOM 2 aiming down the barrel of her rifle
(Image credit: 2K)

The GOG Spring Sale has arrived, with over 3,000 games on offer right now. GOG is offering its own recommendations, but we've put our heads together on the team to pluck out some cracking deals. The best discount here is by far the one on XCOM 2, which is currently cheaper than my daily coffee and a damn good time to boot. The Witcher 3 is seeing some hefty discounts too, along with some of our other favourites:

Of course, these are just a small selection of games on offer—there are a ton of retro and new games alike that have some real neat discounts right now. The Spring Sale is running until April 5, giving you two weeks to stack that backlog even higher than it already is.

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