Get The Jackbox Party Trilogy for 60 percent off this week

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Having a party this weekend? Some local co-op gaming always goes down a storm, but if there's a lot of you, it can be tricky to include everyone. There are now three Jackbox Party Packs, and you can get them all on Bundle Stars for £23 / $30 (opens in new tab) for the next week or so. 

Each of the packs has its own collection of party games, and the best part of it is you don't need a bunch of gamepads to share around. Everyone simply uses their phone as a controller by going to a website and entering a game lobby. 

Highlights of the packs include Fibbage, where you have to fool your friends by coming up with the best lie about a particular topic. Quiplash lets you flex your comedy muscles by coming up with the wittiest answer to a variety of questions. Drawful combines Pictionary and thinking outside the box as you try and guess what the terrible finger drawing your friend just made is supposed to be. 

Individually, each pack costs £19 / $25, so the bundle containing all of them is a good deal here. The 60 percent saving is much greater than the current 20 percent deal running on Steam, and you get Steam keys from Bundle Stars anyway, so it's a no-brainer right now. 

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