Get in on the MicroVolts beta just by signing up


If you create a PC Gamer account, we love you. Our way of showing you this is to get you free access to closed betas from time to time, and we're about to do just that for playful online shooter MicroVolts . It's like a third-person Team Fortress 2, but you're tiny, so whole maps play out in bedrooms and backyards. You need to be signed up to receive our newsletter, which is ticked by default when you create an account. If you're not already a member of our community, just take a sec to sign up - we'll be sending these keys out at 5pm BST (12 noon EDT).

If you're already one of us but you're not sure if you're signed up to the newsletter, here's your user control panel so you can check. Scroll to the bottom to see your newsletter preference, and change it if necessary.

Once you're ready, you can start downloading the game now , ready to create your account if and when you get a key.


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