Get Hitman and Shadowrun Collection for free on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Io Interactive)

The latest freebies on the Epic Games Store are a superb pair of very different but both quite sneaky games. There's Hitman to satisfy your need to pull off elaborate assassinations as a creepy clone, and then there's Shadowrun Collection to let you hack megacorps as an elf. 

Hitman was a return to form after the series had a bit of a wobble in Absolution and boasts some of the most elaborate murder sandboxes you'll ever find yourself sneaking through. Sapienza in particular is very special—it's a vast, elaborate level where you've got an entire seaside town, complete with luxurious mansion and secret underground lab, as your playground. 

Shadowrun Collection nets you three games, but you can skip the first one, Shadowrun Returns. It's a good RPG that's entirely surpassed by its sequels. Since it's standalone and the story isn't one of its strengths, it's safe to jump straight into Dragonfall. They're all cyberpunk RPGs set on an Earth where magic has appeared, transforming humans into orcs and elves and letting people cause mischief with magic. You can get into tactical brawls as an orc street samurai or use drones to sneak around obstacles as a dwarf rigger—it's great. 

Both are free until September 3, when they'll be replaced by one of PC Gamer's favourite games: Into the Breach. Our 2018 Game of the Year is still every bit the must-play for tactics nerds as it was two years ago, so make sure to grab it. 

Fraser Brown
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