Get chased by Pennywise in this Resident Evil 2 Remake mod

Mr. X sure gets a lot of makeovers. Resident Evil 2's lumbering monster has been given yet another horrifying new look, this time turning him into Pennywise the clown from the IT remakes. Check out the mod in action above.

Modder Marcos RC is responsible for this grinning nightmare, who looks right at home in his new job. Judging by the smile on his face, he's having a superb time. Though like Mr. X and Pennywise from the movies, he loses a lot of his menace when he gets close to you and starts throwing punches. 

You can download the Pennywise mod from Marcos RC's Patreon (it's available to everyone), though I think this is one that I'll be skipping to save myself from the inevitable nightmares.

I'm still more scared of Thomas the Tank Engine, though. 

Cheers, Game Informer.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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