Get a Cooler Master Devastator II gaming keyboard and mouse combo for $10

Getting a gaming keyboard or mouse for $10 is a steal, but nabbing both for that price? That's a score, and it can be done with a mail-in-rebate on two of Cooler Master's peripherals.

Cooler Master's Devastator II keyboard and mouse bundle is marked down to $25 on Amazon and Newegg. Both sites are also offering a $15 MIR, depending on which color backlight you choose.

To make things simple, here you go:

If you're after the green LED variant, Amazon has the better price after rebate, and if you prefer red, it's only available at Newegg. For the blue model, take your pick of vendor.

Cooler Master's keyboard is a 'mem-chanical' plank, meaning it's a membrane keyboard with key action that is supposed to be similar to mechanical key switches, with tactile feedback.

As for the mouse, it has an ambidextrous design an optical sensor that can switch between 1,000, 1,600, and 2,000 dpi on the fly.

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Paul Lilly

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