Get 20% off an RTX 2080 graphics card at Amazon UK right now

Get 20% off one of our favourite GPUs at Amazon UK right now
Get 20% off one of our favourite GPUs at Amazon UK right now (Image credit: Asus)

Lowest-ever price alert! Even before the Amazon Prime Day PC deals kick in, UK readers can take advantage of a great price on a powerful GPU right now. Amazon is selling the Asus Dual GeForce 8GB RTX 2080 card for just £654—that's a saving of more than 170 quid! This is a fine offering on one of the most powerful GPUs right now. When it comes to power its second only to its Ti brother, and as a result ranks very highly on our best graphics cards list. 

This Asus RTX 2080 is an overclocked model and so you'll get a bit more pizazz out of it with its speed boosted to 1755MHz. It's dual-fan, so you should be fine to pop it into most builds, assuming you have an average amount of extra cooling. Overall, this has more than enough beef to handle ray tracing at the highest settings, and keep you at (almost) the cutting edge in graphics for a few years—particularly if you have one of the best gaming monitors too.

Asus Dual GeForce RTX 2080 | 8GB | 1755MHz (overclocked) | £654 (save £172)

Asus Dual GeForce RTX 2080 | 8GB | 1755MHz (overclocked) | £654 (save £172)
This is the Advanced Edition so comes overclocked to get a bit more juice out of it and boost that high performance a bit further.

So, even though July is around the corner, Prime day is confirmed and with it all the delicious deals that come with it, this is a great price and there's no telling if it'll be beaten. Definitely consider pulling the trigger now if you've been waiting for a new GPU, especially as stocks seem to be limited.

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Rob Dwiar