Geometry Wars free update to add 40 levels

Geometry Wars 3 1

Fancy Asteroids-a-like Geometry Wars 3 is being expanded with 40 new levels, a hardcore mode and new drones and super abilities on March 31. The extra levels will include new arenas and a rejigged gating system should make it easier to get to them. Expect new bosses and weapons, in the form of the "Sweeper" drone and a "Detonator" one-shot super ability.

If you'd rather ditch the drones and supers and return to the classic, no-nonsense Geometry Wars format, the update includes 20 hardcore levels with their own leaderboards. Local co-op has also been. The trailer also touts a "revamped" co-op mode and competitive online multiplayer.

If you don't own Geometry Wars 3, but have a latent desire to mow down thousands of pixels with lasers, the new free update will be rolled into the £12 / $15 package at the end of the month. Ian liked it quite a lot when he reviewed it for us. I like it too, in the sense that colours and flashing lights are pleasing when they go fast. A good Geometry Wars session is like a vigorous retinal massage.

Tom Senior

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