GameStop acquires Kongregate

kongregate thumb

GameStop is a massive retailer that sells hard copies of games for full price. Kongregate is a free flash portal that integrates lovely web games with achievements, profiles, leaderboards, and micro-transactions. GameStop just ate Kongregate last night. BE AFRAID.

Okay, that may have been scaremongering. If you snoop around their announcement page , you start to get the idea that the Kongregate guys just wanted to be able to buy a new door for the office and hire someone to make the tea. There certainly isn't a big GameStop logo on their site .

It also doesn't affect developers much either, according to the announcement:

"We're not making any changes to our uploading process, or to the way our rev share works. However since GameStop has over 6,000 stores and a lot of customers, it's pretty darn likely your games will be seen by even more people, and will generate more money! Speaking of which, thanks for the games. They're pretty swell."

[via Develop ]