Strategy RTS Renaissance Kingdom Wars is bringing 'epic battles with thousands of soldiers' later this year

After a brief aside to explore mining rocks and chopping trees in space with its sci-fi survival game, Reverie World Studios has returned to its roots: large scale medieval beatdowns. The upcoming Renaissance Kingdom Wars expands on the formula the studio developed over four previous Kingdom Wars games, promising a grand strategy-RTS hybrid that lets you conquer all of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

A new Renaissance Kingdom Wars trailer was shown today at the PC Gaming Show—check it out above.

Starting as a lowly mercenary captain, you can raise an army and fight for your liege lord, at least until you get annoyed with him and take over the kingdom for yourself. Diplomacy, resource management, and prowess on the battlefield all have their place—it looks like there's lots to chew on here.

One extra bit of crunch is the passage of time: We're not just getting medieval on our enemies, but truly entering a renaissance of warfare (I'm sorry). As time passes in game, the technology of the world will improve, going from spears to pikes and bows to muskets.

The Steam page says there are over 500 provinces to battle over and 36 playable kingdoms to choose from, ranging from the shores of Ireland to the Russian steppes and the Moroccan coast. With a strong focus on the role of mercenary armies of the time period, one has to imagine there will be all sorts of backstabbing, chaos, and intrigue.

Whether or not Renaissance Kingdom Wars will be a direct competitor with the likes of Total War or Crusader Kings is yet to be determined, but in my estimation you can never have too many ways to conquer Europe. Hopefully my queen doesn't run off with the houndmaster this time.

Renaissance Kingdom Wars is scheduled to release later this year.