A Japanese company is making an adorable Elden Ring warrior jar mug just in time for everyone to get really freaked out by their new lore in the DLC

Images of real life Elden Ring tchotchkes, including a warrior jar mug, warrior jar piggy bank, and pin versions of Elden Ring talismans
(Image credit: FromSoftware, Movic)

Available for November preorder on AmiAmi, anime merch company Movic is making an adorable little Iron Fist Alexander mug, complete with removable faux-wax seal lid. No longer harboring the viscera of legendary warriors or oppressed matriarchal mystics, this little pot boy's destined to have a belly full of joe, or maybe some chamomile when it's too close to bedtime.

Variations on the theme of warrior jar are probably the #1 most common form of Elden Ring tchotchke on Etsy, but I don't think anyone's ever done a mug before⁠—it's mostly posable figures or planters. With that in mind, the Movic mug is kind of a stroke of genius, a practical piece of Elden merch instead of another bit or boobah destined for the shelves. The mug looks quite nice and game-accurate too, with its arms crossed in stern fashion.

It's about $27 for the fall preorder, and maybe by the time it ships we'll all have forgotten the horrifying new lore about the pot boys from Shadow of the Erdtree. Yes, while we always knew they were filled with dead bodies, it turns out the warrior jars' primeval origins were as a tool of extermination against a peaceful people called the Shamans. Remember the Jar Bairn adorably asking you to become his potentate? The original Potentates were torturers who hacked the Shamans up for jar-stuffing purposes.

But I'm good at compartmentalizing, so I don't think that would bother me none. The only thing stopping me from buying one is that I might want to buy some of Movic's other Elden goodies instead. A lodged in the ground Alexander piggy bank is another great product, and I'm absolutely in love with Movic's take on Elden Ring's talismans as pins. The volume 1 pack is 100% where it's at, with cute, goofy selections like the Companion Jar, Longtail Cat, and Green Turtle among others. Volume 2 is a little more "serious," with pins like the Godfrey Icon or Dragoncrest Greatshield. 

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